Our goals are to financially assist non-profits and community based organizations whose primary focus is to supply resources to at-risk children and domestic violence victims. Our goal is to give a little boost financially to assist organizations that meet our mission statement requirements and to annually evaluate the success and needs of these programs. This evaluation will aid us as we develop our standard for giving which will be to give financial support to organizations that may or may not service large numbers but are very good at what they do for their communities.

Our hopes are that our financial assistance will give their organization the ability to continue to work and achieve their mission statement goals in their communities. As a final part of our goals we hope to be able to give financial assistance to at-risk children and domestic violence victims such as abused and battered women that may have placed themselves in a position to take on a new challenge, the challenge of beginning or completing their education whether pertaining to high school or college.

The amount of our financial support is very unique as we are using a for-profit business model to achieve our goals of giving 86% of our business earnings back to the above non-profits and community based organizations. Using only the remaining 14% for administrative expenses.

Here are the organizations we support